What Is a Footprint?

A Footprint is a free webpage you create for family and friends, someone you admire, or a group that share the same life experiences. You can add photos, audio, videos, stories, and files to a Footprint. Think of it like a multimedia biography, or an interactive digital scrapbook.

We call it a Scrapbook for Life".

A Footprint is collaborative and social. You can co-create a Footprint and connect with family and friends, and with people from future generations.

You can choose from three types of Footprints:

An Individual Footprint tells the life story of someone you love or admire. A Family Footprint is for family members to celebrate their shared stories. A Group Footprint brings together members of a group with shared experiences and history.

Take a look at a few sample Footprints below.

Individual Footprint

Family Footprint

Group Footprint