About Us

Everyone has a life story.

However, most life stories are much more likely to get lost through the generations, leaving behind only old photos, obsolete video tapes, and lore. Photos and video tapes are destined to live in shoeboxes in the back of our closets or thrown on to the top of our bookshelves, and lore will eventually become legends.

Why did we start Everlasting Footprint?

We founded Everlasting Footprint (EF) to bring every life story back to life and make it everlasting. Anyone can preserve and share the life stories of family and friends, those they admire, a group that share the same life experiences, and even themselves, in the form of a private or public Footprint.

What is a Footprint?

A Footprint is a free webpage that consists of photos, audio, videos, stories, and files. Create Footprints to celebrate lives that have ended, or lives that are still writing stories. It is part online biography, part digital scrapbook. Footprints can be built together through collaboration among friends and family to truly tell the richest story. Connect and share your stories with your loved ones and those with similar experiences for future generations to see.

Everyone makes their own mark in this world, and has a life story to be told.

What life story do you want to tell?

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