Everlasting Footprint aims to provide an open, supportive space for everyone to celebrate the lives of people they love. We are dedicated to saving and preserving family memories.

These guidelines encourage Members to help keep Everlasting Footprint a place of love and life stories.


Please follow these policies when posting to the EF Member Canvas and on public and private individual and group Footprint sections, and when using tools to organize events and to message other EF Members.

Flagged Material

If you feel content posted by another Member is inappropriate, offensive, or questionable, please flag it for our review. We provide content moderation services to support our mission to keep EF a family friendly network and website.

Anyone can alert us to any of the following that include policy violations, in either their text or their meta text:

  • Image titles and ALT text
  • Canvas posts
  • Footprint descriptions
  • Footprint comments
  • Canvas comments
  • Footprint Gallery captions
  • Storybook stories
  • Footprint Gallery videos
  • Text in Footprint Gallery videos

A user’s fully private Journal entries are not moderated or reviewed, unless shared with other EF Members or as part of a Footprint.


We want Members to tell their complete, full family history and every life story. Each moderation situation is reviewed individually. We consider appeals from Members whose content is moderated, and may deem some content remain on the EF site only when set to “private” and not shared with other Members. For example, in some cases, a Member may be allowed to post nude photographs on the site, under the condition that the content is set to Private.

Members who violate guidelines may have their accounts inactivated or their Membership suspended.

Policy Updates

We modify these Member policies as needed, and we will notify you when updates happen. Beyond the policies listed below, some EF biography products and features may have additional terms — please check links for details and full information.

Illegal Activities

Everlasting Footprint will not allow content related to gang or terrorist activity, signs, symbols, or insignia. Photos or video depicting people committing illegal activities, such as theft or assault, and stories describing graphic or illegal events may be moderated. Members should not post graphic content depicting scenes of violence or injury.

EF reserves the right to modify “hate speech” and “hate content.” EF Members should not use slurs, derogatory, or belittling language toward one another. Words that threaten harm or are posted to attack or intimidate anyone are prohibited. We reserve the right to remove content related to violence, criminal activity, and threats.

EF prohibits content that exploits or oppresses children (a person under age 18). Photos of children with weapons and explicit images of children are prohibited. Content that contains nude or inappropriate images of minors, or of minors being abused, will be reported to US legal authorities.

Educational and historical content may be exempted from these guidelines.

Solicitation and Spam

Members of the EF Community should be free to establish and maintain networks based on overlapping interests and acquaintances. However, solicitation of business through the EF community is prohibited. Members should not send commercial or solicitory content. Member accounts may be suspended, locked, or revoked if they repeatedly violate the “no solicitation” policy.

Confidentiality and Security

EF Members should consider the personal nature of information being published online and be careful distributing information about people other than themselves. Confidential information like account passwords, credit information, or financial information should not be posted without a person’s permission or legal authority to do so. All flagged content will be moderated on a case-by-case basis.

Sexually Explicit Material

In the interest of maintaining a family friendly atmosphere for users of all ages, Everlasting Footprint may moderate images that include nudity or sexually explicit content. EF will modify and may remove content that is pornographic or sexually suggestive, and images that include revealed genitalia and erotic body parts, including female nipples and fully exposed buttocks. We reserve the right to moderate content with inappropriate sexual language or images.

Nudity in well-known art images, and photographs or art depicting pregnant mothers, births, or mothers breastfeeding infants, are general exceptions to these guidelines. Flagged content will be considered for moderation on an case-by-case basis.

Harassment, Bullying, Threats

Everlasting Footprint will tolerate no content that degrades groups of people or individuals. Any use of EF communications to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by a group or individual will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to moderate insulting, disrespectful or bullying language or images. All forms of online threats, harassment, and intimidation will be moderated, and legal action may be taken against Members who violate this policy.